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Minnie Mouse
27 February 2031 @ 05:02 pm
Since I use the titles of toons for her journal entires, I thought I'd keep a track of them in this post, and also give links if you want to watch them.

Aren't you sweet...Collapse )
Minnie Mouse
03 July 2030 @ 07:13 pm
Relationship Chart
Will update when new info comes.Tag this post with the character you want commented on, with the icon you'd prefer to be used. System Is As Follows: X - Dislike/Hate/Has never met/Neutral ♥ - Standard//Acquaintance/People you talk to ♥ ♥ - People considered as friends/Like to talk with ♥ ♥ ♥ - People considered as good friends/Like to talk with a lot ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - BFFs/Crush ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Family/Dating/Mutually like each other ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - In-love//Engaged/Married Isn't it romantic, Daisy? Being protected by three dashing musketeers, and the little one is so handsome. Collapse ) Last Updated : 08/24/11
Minnie Mouse
03 July 2030 @ 07:12 pm
How's My Driving?

You know these go! Comments can be anon'd and screened. Thank you in advance!
Minnie Mouse
03 January 2012 @ 05:41 pm
[Minnie has been in Saffron, diligently training Scrooge the Hoothoot and Yen Sid the Medicham, and in fact is letting them roam around freely ever since she got the latter returned to her. Medicham is even allowed to play with the Pokgear again, as Minnie is walking around town, so that's why the Video is on. Actually, Minnie is far too invested in her book to pay attention to what either Pokemon is doing. You can see the title is 'Wuthering Heights'. Why is she reading that instead of her usual fairy tale? It's a Christmas gift.

She reads as she walks, which isn't exactly a good combo. She does eventually lift her head, tapping the book to her chin in contemplation.]

Maybe he really was a prince all that time - eek!

[aaand then she trips and falls headfirst into an open garbage can, with her legs comically kicking out on top. Kids, don't read and walk at the same time, unless you're Belle.]
Minnie Mouse
26 December 2011 @ 08:13 am
[The Pokegear is dropped to the ground, little care given for it, as the owner is far too distracted to care that the Video has been turned on.In Saffron, Minnie is in front of the Pokemon Center, crying her eyes out... but, for once, in happiness! She is on her knees, holding a Medicham in her embrace, his arms around her neck and it too is crying out in relief. For this was one of Minnie's Pokemon, and it has at last been returned to her.]

I'm so glad you're okay... I'm never letting you go again! I promise!


[They cling even tighter to each other, grateful for this Christmas miracle. Additionally, one may notice another strange sight. On top of Minnie's head is a crown - it happens to be the one from her home world.]

[Private Text - Gorthan]

I've gotten your message. Name the time and the place.
Minnie Mouse
10 December 2011 @ 06:47 pm
[It's 4th Wall Weekend! The good news is that Minnie is back to her original body, and she has her magic back too.

The bad news is... she's on the Seafoam Islands. She's been popping up all over Johto, and in this latest drop off, she was dropped into the sea! A kindly Seel has managed to help her get to the sandy beach, and she plops herself against the outside of the caves, breathing heavily. You can see all this from the Video of her Pokegear at her side, or of course you can Action to see the sopping wet Queen.]

... This is not what I meant when I thought I needed to cool off. Brrr...

[Siigh. She picks up her tiara, which the Seel has also managed to retrieve for her, and puts it back on her head. All she can do now is wait for the next 'pop'. Should you wish it, she will suddenly pop to wherever you are in Johto, just let me know where!.]
Minnie Mouse
07 December 2011 @ 04:16 pm
[In the rush of making new friends, seeing love bloom, and the mood of the holiday spirit, Minnie has managed to lighten up considerably. In fact, thanks to one of her new friends, she's contemplating something very silly that she's taking seriously.  In Saffron, she's sitting in the Pokemon Center, tapping a pencil to a notepad in contemplating if you feel like doing Action. She turns on the Video, still letting her hair down to cover her bruised cheek.]

Would anyone who's ever gotten a kiss from me mind telling me? I'm making a list, and I want to make sure it's right.

[She twirls the pencil in thought.]

And is anyone here truly a normal human, inside and out? I wonder how many characters a fairy tale is supposed to have... And if it makes a difference between a queen and a princess... hmmm...

[Filtered to Merlin.]

Where are you? We're still doing the Santa dress up, so don't think you got off easy.
Minnie Mouse
24 November 2011 @ 12:46 pm
[When the Video clicks on, Minnie is in the Saffron Pokemon Center. There's an obvious bruise on her cheek, and her eyes are red from hours of crying. Yet she sits up right, trying to be dignified and brave for whoever is listening.]

I feel everyone has a right to know this.

During our train ride to Saffron the other day, our train was hijacked by Team Rocket. They invaded the train, and demanded we hand over our Pokemon, lest they blow it up. Thankfully, many brave citizens stood their ground, disarming the bomb and defeated many of the Rockets. Unfortunately, many Pokemon were still stolen... including my own.

[She sniffles a little at that memory, but swallows, trying to still be brave.]

The Rockets are becoming more dangerous. They aren't afraid to harm people. It's become obvious that while the police force here means well, they do not have the right will or power to stop them.  All of you, please be careful, and keep your guard up.

[For those who want Action, Minnie remains in the center, scrolling over certain text messages.]